Thursday, June 24, 2010

Budget Month - Day 25

I got those wall letters this month for $5 total. I spray painted them with paint I already had and hung them on the wall with double sided tape. Budget decor, yo.

Five days to go...! It doesn't look like I have any more money to spend. Not that I've maxed out my budget, but that I literally have NOTHING due. I don't need groceries or bills paid ever again for this entire month. I need to buy some petrol but I have $75 still on that budget, which should easily get me to Maryborough and back using my little eco-savvy Astra.

I've made pies instead of buying something to bring Mother. I also need to transplant one of my purple capsicum into a pot for her, and those are my gifts. Budget-y! Score!

I also pretty much found the wedding dress I wanted too. For $290. I swear each day I do this I get better at it. My dress is $290. My shoes are $600. My husband's suit is $1100. His shoes are $500. Hahaha. I like how I played that one. Although it sounds like a lot - the suit, shoes, and hell, even the dress are all reusable! The wedding dress is plain and simple (which I wanted this whole time and is surprisingly difficult to source) and can definitely be worn multiple times. The suit is a classic Boss. The shoes for me are goldeny strappy Choo's I can wear with anything to jazz it up and men always need a nice pair of good leather shoes. It's just a given.

I am $10.01 per day behind budget. I can get away with spending $119 per day and still remain under budget. (whereas my budget overall is $170 a day, so you can see how I'm still behind). Of course I only have $75 to spend on petrol for a trip I should spend ZERO dollar at. Hell, even if Glynn and I end up going to dinner with his friends (we have tentative plans) and it comes to $100 each of us... that's still only $275 I spent and I have $600. So there we go. But I'm obviously not going to waste $200 on food. Well.. not food I can make better myself anyway.

So yeah. How's that for a little bit of Gucci and a little bit of Geese? Or a little bit of Choo and a little bit of Budget. Now find someone else who can mix THAT as well as I somehow manage. ha!

I'm still determined to be a millionaire in five years. Watch me.

Glynn's scared because I asked to look at his Super. That's incredibly personal, but I am certain I could earn him more money on it. I figure - at best I want him to succeed so we're both rich because I plan on being with him. At worse - we break up and I've set HIM up for life, which I like. Just because things don't work out doesn't mean I can't make sure the person I once loved (and always will, I know it, even if things go sour) is set for life. But of course, I did just really ask him to show me his most personal financial closet skeletons.

Either way, I've been studying super funds, hedge funds and the stock market. I know exactly where I plan to go with the money I save. I am certain I can have us saved up to $200k by December 2012. Watch.


  1. SMSF .. I'm guessing you know what that means? I'm totally a fan for it!

    I just won't bother with my Super because I don't know if you remember my SW forum post YEARS ago however I see Super as wasted money ESPECIALLY at your age let alone my age.

    You do realise that in the last few years they INCREASED the age of when you can access your super. It used to be under 60 .. now you have to be over 60. The laws keep changing so god damn much that there are so many better useful active ways to use the money you would've put in Super to better use investment wise.

    I personally will "do the race" in the last 5-10 years prior to when I can legally access my Super as before then.. I can't touch the money.. it's "invisible" money.. it's useless to me. It does nothing FOR me.

    This is just my personal opinion. I know people hold different opinions and they're welcome to it :-) I'm just sharing mine.

    At the same time, I understand G has Super due to being employed so if possible I'd work on getting it all rolled over into a SMSF :-) There is probably exit fees to be paid however ultimately he will be better off with the SMSF. It's a bit more paperwork because it is SELF MANAGED but.. yeah.. at least he will be able to control it and be the manager of it instead of paying stupid fees.

  2. Wow my opinion is exactly opposite yours. A dollar now is $300 later. $1 later is $5 later if you do it your way. Invisible money is exactly what I want. I want to save without access for a high-interest acount so I can retire on MILLIONS if I start early - not later.

    You can self-manage your super. I'm checking G's industry compared to retail supers out there and seeing which is the best investment.

  3. Besides, there's no guarantee you'll have enough money 5-10 years before you get your super to 'do the race' at all. Plus if you have a super the dividends and compound interest starting earlier is way way way more beneficial financially.