Saturday, June 12, 2010

Budget Month Day 13

Quickly, before Glynn wakes up. Today is 'no computer and no TV' day, which means money will probably be spent. Eeek. I am a whole $9 per day behind right now. I cannot wait until I can go Monday and Tuesday without spending anything so I can try to catch the fuck up, because that little tiny behind bit is really getting to me!! It makes me want to see if I can have the money gap there next month before rent, so when rent comes in I don't have to think about it.

Either way though, the gap is definitely closing. I'm being more careful. I'm even getting more work! I wanted to do so much work last night but my fiance was against working too late, which disappointed me. I would really like it if he didn't work Saturdays so that when I work, he can stay awake for the night. If I had continued on my path I would've had 6 jobs! Insane.

This month's expenses compared to last month's is really telling, though. There's amounts in there that are $500 or more below last month's amount. There's some that are not even 10% of last month's amount. And I'm almost halfway through! Even though last month I didn't budget at all and only spent and tracked, it's still a good sign.

My car insurance got cheaper, my car is being paid off.. everything is just finally starting to come together in my life in every way.

I'm hoping to be a millionare by next week.

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