Sunday, June 27, 2010

Budget Month - Day 28

Two days left. $9.22 per DAY below budget and $597.13 left to spend in the next two days, according to my budget (but, even luckier, not according to my bank statements).

I need to buy chicken food and dog food and some groceries today, which should total about $200 (I buy in bulk) and then I'll be able to do a final wrap-up on how much I saved. I wasn't able to work one weekend this weekend, which was horrifying because I got offered quite a few decent jobs that I would've snapped up like a fish in seconds if I was home.

I think my savings is still above what I said it would be, though. Remember, my income is insanely variable while my husbands is insanely stable. This is what makes budgeting just that little bit more difficult. But there's no way, unless I decide to go on a massive gambling streak (good idea!) to spend the last of my budget. I'm going to make it. Ahead. By almost 20%.

The fact that I didn't actually restrict myself that much is such a bonus. A few expensive events I didn't attend because I 'couldn't afford them', but that's good! I never was one to say no to a thing just because it was there... and the total of those things I denied were about $200 worth of things. They didn't really make a difference to my lifestyle either.

After this month, we'll start talking investments!

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