Thursday, June 10, 2010

Budget Month - Day 11

I know what you're thinking. I know exactly what you're thinking. I'm psychic and can predict all of my readers opinions at once. First, you're thinking, "Why the fuck do I continue to read this shit?" then you're thinking, "Fuck, she's posted again. It means she hasn't failed. Now I can't feel better about myself." See how I made you a loser, there? Why DO you read me, anyway? You'll never grow up to be a doctor. This is why I like your sister more than you. At least SHE will take care of me when I'm old. ....ah fuck, sorry, I have Jewish Mother Syndrome. It's like Tourette's, but with guilt.

Honestly - I could be doing better at this. I'm currently sitting at $159.43/$182.94. So... that's not better. And honestly I could say, "But you know, I don't have bills for a week!" Which is... kinda what I said last week. Keeping this pattern up will have me a week from my goal with no money left to spend and I was really hoping I could do a 'ha watch me budget well ALL month' instead of a 'watch me fuck it up in 15 days and spend the next 15 as a miser'. So. Gonna try THAT. The first one, not the miser one.

So, I've been living a lie. I've been drinking dehydrated coffee. If you know me (and you should, otherwise you're some pervert reading my blog for cheap budget thrills, you sicko) then you know I love my coffee. So much so, my machine resembles something out of a Sci-fi movie and my coffee tends to be handpicked off mountain tops. I'm a spoiled bitch.

In order to get new coffee, I either have to suck it up and by some cheap local brand I can't really stand for $34 or drive to my favourite coffee place (40km and about an hour and a half because it's on a mountain) and spend $20 on a new bag. And you know what? My petrol budget is kinda not looking so great right now. I could take the motorbike - but it's out of rego and getting caught ain't cheap either. So... dehydrated coffee. My bowels are fighting me in this battle. They are losing. DIE BOWELS DIE!

I called again about my missing cheque and it should be here today. Some of my lettuces died and I'm hoping planting my brussel sprouts there is alright for them, because those are the plants I hadn't budgeted for transplanting. We haven't bought a truck, there's food in the fridge and cupboard, bills are 100% caught up and I've squirreled away $250 in savings already from this month.

So I'm not doing bad. But I'm not doing great. Us Jews call that "Meh."

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  1. What happened to Day 9 and 10 ?

    That's what THIS reader is thinking. LOL!!

    and yes... INSTANT COFFEE !?!!? WOHA!!!!

    .... and there is definitely nothing else you can do at that $20 coffee bag location besides buy the coffee so as it isn't a "single" trip thus you won't feel like you've 'wasted' fuel going there ?