Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Budget Month - Day 30 - Conclusion

Want to know how well I did? Even WITH rent coming out today, which I said I wouldn't count, I made it in under budget. Only $30, but hey, if we don't count it, I came in at $390 UNDER BUDGET BABY.

I have put over $700 into a savings account. I have nearly $200 cash on me. Glynn has triple that. The credit card has had over $300 paid off on it. I have food paid for FOR A MONTH.

I have saved:

$1826.61 this month. What did I say I'd save? $1713.87.

I saved $112.74 more than I expected I would - working one week less than I expected I would!

Next month I'm going to do it again! I will be rich!