Monday, June 7, 2010

Budget Month - Day 8

It's that time of the week again - fruit and veg week. It's a big harvest this time - with a lot of kiwis and bananas and mandarins. Specifically we have:

8 kiwis
4 limes
7 mandarins
4 lemonaid fruit
2 oranges
3 banans
1 three-headed pineapple (no really!)
4 avocados
8 apples
and 1 custard apple (don't ask what I do with these*)

for vegetables I have:
3 potatos
5 giant space garlic cloves
4 sweet potato
2 zucchini
1 capsicum
2 corn
1 purple lettuce thing (scientific term)
1 celery
1 broccoli
1 bag mushrooms
1 lettuce
1 raddish
1 bok choy
1 savoy cabbage
1 leek
1 bag roma tomatoes
4 green onions

I really really want to make some dried granola bars in my dehydrator this week. So I think I'll dehydrate the apples and pineapple for it. I am also considering a ratatouille... since, y'know, it uses pretty much a ton of veggies.

Also, today I got chook scraps, which my co-op gives for free if they have extras. I save a day of chicken feed with this. (3 days a month, 10% of their feed, $3.50 per month!)

They're in the backyardnow. So much space for them, it hardly feels like I have too many now.

*I poisoned my husband, okay?

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