Sunday, June 20, 2010

Budget Month - Day 21

17..18..19..20...21... nearly four days has passed since my last post about my budget. In the last four days I managed to only spend $30. Yes, that's right - for four whole days. And I could've gotten away with not spending that $30, as well, just as easily. As an added bonus, one of the last four days was a work night and I made money.

Glynn got a call about the Bedford truck. It had been sold to someone else (thank Gd). Glynn also decided he needed a trailer (told you) and we went to look at one yesterday. It was broken and unable to be towed home (thank Gd), so we saved that money.

I'm $1.98 a day off on my budget. You saw that huge gap. I closed it, baby! 9 days left of this experiment and it looks like I'll do it without starving, haha.

I don't know if I mentioned it, but early last week I was looking for pecans because I was in the mood for them. They were like $26 a kilo at the market and I was thinking of this budget so I didn't buy them. The VERY next day, my co-op listed pecans for $9 a kilo. So now I have 2kg coming for the price of 2/3rd a kilo at the shops. This and I bought 4kg of juicing fruits.

I'm still not behind! So I'm buying luxury goods (things I don't need) frequently and still saving money. Which makes me wonder what would happen if I was very very strict with my budget. My husband would probably leave me. LOL.

I have some investments planned. Glynn and I are discussing them. It actually seems perfectly feasible for us to be millionaires in 10 years if we're good and follow through. Actually, with strict planning, I'm pretty certain I could've done the same thing when I was single. I don't think people place nearly as much stock in, well, stocks as they should. Meticulous saving and proper investments seem to make reaching a million dollars cakewalk.

Says the girl who's $1.98 behind budget. Things are easier in my head than in real life. What can I say? I'm optimistic. Besides, by the time I realize I'm a moron and it's much harder than I realized, I'm halfway there. I can deal being a half millionaire in 5 years.

I don't know where I'm going with this post.

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