Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Budget Month - Day 24

It's in the last little home stretch. Am I going to have to be tight this week? Well - yes. I've figured it out - I've given myself almost exactly half of what I have been spending the last few weeks in order to make it. While I've been spending around $1100 a week (shit some people don't even MAKE that, which is why I know I can do better at saving) this week is around $600 for everything.

There was a small hiccup but I'm working around it and it looks plausible. There's a good chance I can go all weekend without spending a dollar. I won't make any either.

Mother - the Mother - was in a car accident. From what I've gathered from gossip and herself (but she'll never tell you how bad it really is over the phone so you don't worry about her) she's not doing the greatest. Glynn and I are going to go up to the farm this weekend to help her do the chores that really need to get done.

Glynn wants to fix the fireplace so Mother and Father can cuddle up. I've always loved Mother and Father's relationship. It's been nearly 31 years now and you can still see the twinkle and smile when he speaks of Mother. You can tell that even after a bunch of houses, eight kids, hundreds of cows and half a dozen careers that they stood by each other through it all and came out just as in love as they started. I pray every day when Glynn and I are in our 50s that we still look forward to getting a fireplace to curl up in front of together. Nothing would make me happier.

I want to work on the garden because, well, because I'm greedy. See, Mother has space. So I get to take over her space pretending to plant what she wants but secretly, it's what I want. Farm fresh food at my disposal? Yes. No, I'm kidding... I do it because we both love gardening and fresh food and it's fun to share that with her. There's this little part of me that sees me in her and I'm fairly certain I'd adopt many of her mannerisms and attitudes towards life as I get older. This is not a bad thing. I could also be projecting. It's not uncommon.

So we're doing that this weekend. Which should cost us no more than petrol. Which I've budgeted for.

Fingers crossed!

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