Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Budget Month - Day 3

I have discovered a small problem with budget blogging. I love blogging in the morning when I first wake up. Yes, I wake up like this. No, I do not plan on changing. This leads to problems, however, because I can't really blog about how well I did that day if the banks haven't even opened, can I?

I'm doing well! (I can try, apparently) It looks like I'm doing badly, but I just paid off a gamillion necessary bills - and I've budgeted for that! I paid rent. I paid some utilities ($86 electricity, $150 mobile phones and $14.53 in bank fees [which I also budgeted for!]) and I did go out yesterday and I did donate some money to charity (and I'll be damned if it wasn't worth it).

All in all of my $159.43 budget per day, I've spent $242.11. Don't look at me like that! First of all if I simply go two more days without spending any money, I'm back on my average. Second of all, I don't have a single bill due for at least another week, and then it's just electricity, the last hundred of my (and Glynn's! Don't place the blame soley on me here) phone bill, and rent again.

As it stands I still have over $500 in utilities I've still budgeted for, another thousand eighty in rent, and another $333.70 in entertainment. I'm THRILLED. It may only be day 3 and my average may be two days off of 'in the clear', but my bills are paid, I'm considerably under budget and I've planned for this, thanks to calculating my expenses last month and preparing myself for things I had forgotten (like bank fees!).

As a side bonus, last night I got super tired and didn't end up cooking (wut?) and Glynn used the pizza bases and sauces I keep frozen and made pizza using only one capsicum and some mushrooms. So basically, I have a lot of ingredients on my list still left and *four days* to use them, which is so many levels of score. I did eat a mandarin for breakfast yesterday and I plan on doing it again shortly. I have not grocery shopped in 5 days. This is really good for me, especially if you know me and food.

As a second bonus, after day one Glynn came home and said, "I got milk!" and I was horrified! I had planned spending the entirety of Day 1 without spending a cent. But, get this... his boss wanted him to buy some milk for work. His boss said to him, "What is milk these days? (rich men, go figure) Is it about $3 or $4? Bah, here's a five, keep the change." Well, when Glynn went to get milk is was 2 for $5! Free milk!

All I have left to do this week is buy a damn onion!

Edit: I don't know how I forgot this, but I've spent most of the last two days downloading free books using iPhone's Stanza application. I've downloaded 200 out-of-copyright titles. Books I read in school, books I wanted to read, books I only want to read for the fame (Proust), and others.

I also took a page out of one of my finance books and deposited $80 into my savings nearly immediately. It's not budging.

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