Thursday, June 3, 2010

Budget Month - Day 4 Revisted

Bah, this is my blog, I can post if I want to. At least my posts have substance. I needed to get this out because it made me cry. I failed big time today - not at budgeting, just at *trying* to save money.

First my car was blinking hecticly at me for more fuel. Please, it blinked, give me something to eat, I'm hungry. Knowing now that the local petrol station is a rip off, I decided to chance it and go to a Caltex because I have a $.04 a litre fuel voucher from Woolworths. Watching it blink more sporadically as I got stuck behind a bobcat trailer was the worst part. Finally I get to the petrol station, put in $30 and proudly hand over my voucher going, Gee, this will save me eighty cents!

"I'm sorry we don't accept those."
"What? You're a Caltex!"
"Yeah but we're not a WOOLWORTHS Caltex. We're just a regular Caltex. That'll be $30."

So I failed at saving money there.

Then, I was on my way to the bank in a pretty big rush because when I called Medibank they told me the money was already set to come out (but I changed next month's to be easier on my banking system) and my account was short. When I got there, the money was already out - so I was in the negative in my account. Luckily, I got there in time to avoid overdraft fees, but I wasn't there in time to get a downright embarassing reaming from the teller about how she wasn't sure I could give her money (?!) because I was over, ladadada, go to hell. Not her saying to me go to hell, but me saying it to her. In my brain. Because I have no testicles for that.

So after failing once, then failing again.. I kinda just cried. I cried because I was humiliated at the bank during the worst time possible - when I was actually trying.

Then, as usual, I became the person I always become immediately after crying: Determined Woman. Oh, I don't know if you've met Determined Woman, but she's damn determined. "Fuck this shit. Fuck this shit to hell!" I said to myself, because I curse in my brain quite frequently. I stood up, marched into a bunch of stores and demanded jobs.

I am free every day but weekend nights, I can sell a cow to a horse and, at the health stores, I made sure to mention I was a nutrition student. At Harrison's, the beauty shop, I mentioned I make soaps and lotions and even displayed my knowledge in additives by describing their properties while showingly reading the first label I picked up. I was smooth. I would've hired me. If I can sell a cow to a horse, you should see what happens when I want to sell myself to an employer. It's magic.

So I was promised a heap of calls and nods and smiles and went on my determined way. I was not done! No! I went home and I called the magazine that had published me and never paid me. I had contacted them three weeks ago with no materialization of my cheque. I discovered that they had been confused by my statement of "I never got the cheque for $750" because, as it turns out, the cheque was for ONE THOUSAND dollars. Not seven fifty.

So now they're resending it. $250 more than I orginally thought I earned. That's right folks, determined as fuck me just managed to most probably get a second job AND get $1000 in a single day because someone humilated me. That's just how I roll.

At the mall I saw a gold buying place as well. I have an engagement ring from my ex I used to like until my soon-to-be husband bought the giant ring I currently own, which blew my ex's out of the water by like, oh, 10x the price. Let's ignore the fact my ex made me pay for my own ring anyway. So, it's not like it has good memories. I paid $600 for the ring. $200, hell, $100, would make me part with it. So I'm gathering that and a couple other things my mother gave me that I never liked (and aren't heirlooms) and I'm going to sell those.

Am I done there? NO! Fucking bitch at the bank who embarassed me, you have NO idea what I will do to prove to you I'm not some broke bitch who's going through a hard time - nope. In a month you're gonna see - my credit card will be paid off, Glynn gets his raise, and I'll have made thousands of dollars worth of deposits not counting the new job I'm certain I'm getting.

I'm also calling photographers today*. They promised me a large job shortly and I think it's about time they gave it to me. I'm going to demand to work with them in about, oh, five minutes.

I've also managed to get my health care switched to the middle of the month and Foxtel switched to around day 9 of the month, so that the first week I can focus on the car, electricity and insurance payments. I've made shit easier.

So what do I have to say to money right now?

Bring it on.

*Edit: DONE! I called them. Hopefully I will have more work very shortly.


  1. Fuel tip to save $$ ... buy a couple of "fuel cans" (the plastic ones not the 'can' ones they rust)... when fuel is CHEAP (it was today.. under 120cents!)... spend a little extra now + fill the up. Use them to help you get thru the more expensive fuel days ;-)

    oh.. and don't use the a/c as that suck fuel too.

  2. Uhhh.. you know fuel can go bad, right? I would do that but keeping it on hand for more than a week or two can make it not as beneficial to my car.