Thursday, June 17, 2010

Budget Month - Day 18

This is what I love about chickens as they grow. They get personalities. You can totally see it in this photo with the curious little one in the back. This morning I caught the three big ones on the bed and four of the five little one scampering in their box (still too cold at night to let them stay out there). The fifth one was on top of the box. Proud. The fifth one is Miz Curious there in the back.

I think I misunderestimated how much food it takes to feed these guys. I might be running out of pet food budget soon, but this is one place I refuse to find a cheaper model to get me to stay under budget. I'm not spending today or tomorrow as far as I know, so this is good. $29 a day behind BUT I've managed to also save almost nine hundred dollars for my wedding! I accidentally overpaid electricity. Oh well. Better gone than not, am I right?

Bills are all paid. Food is stocked. I've had a lot of fun with friends (who I think have subsidized my budget experiment WAY MORE than they should have!) and I've made some lovely delicious meals while having saved money. So even if I don't make it under budget, I've done well - and that's all I can ask of myself.

Even if I don't make this... I'll have saved a bunch of money. Even if I don't make this... I'll have learned a lot about savings and investing and budgeting. Even if I don't make this - there's always next month. It takes steps. If I can LOWER my spending and save over a thousand dollars this month, surely I can do it next month and lower it even more and save even more, right?

I have definitely bought some frivolous things. But I have also cried upset over the idea of spending any money on anything. I've bartered with the teller for discount chicken. I've haggled with people. I've saved money - point blank.

This is not me giving up. Far from it. I'll probably starve the last week than go over budget - but I don't want a failure to be the end of me, because it's not. I restricted my budget quite a bit! I halved my food bills and quartered my entertainment spending. Hell, I spent almost 10% this month on miscellanious crap than I did last month.

If I fail, I'll just do better next month. Until I'm incredibly wealthy. And all because I put my mind to it.

I guess, like my chicken, this is the age I start getting my money personality. Soon it'll grow and flourish until it's a big fat money-saving hen. Eh, I was trying to close where I opened. It worked. Sorta.

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