Monday, May 31, 2010

Budget Month - Day 1

You've got to be kidding me, right? I write up that post last night and my lovely wonderful fiance comes home and announces to me, "Guess what I found!?" After guessing (why do I play this game?) I was confronted with a picture of a truck. Not just any truck. A vintage truck - the exact kind I described to him as my favourite type of vintage car. With the rounded frame and the fat nose.

"We are NOT getting a truck," I say.
"It's only five hundred dollars!" he pleads.
"Well you either have to buy it in the next 3 hours or next month."
"I was going to buy it next week."
"Can you wait, like, one month?" I am almost begging I think. I can feel my cookbook slipping out of my hands.
"If I don't buy it, my dad said he would," he said, sadly, almost regretfully.
"You've talked about it with your dad already!?" Why did I not see this coming?
"We could work on it together! It's the truck you've always wanted and it's cheap and it RUNS!"

Fuckety. Really? Really really? Couldn't give me a day, universe? Not one damn stinkin' motherfuckin' day? I don't want a truck (okay, I do), I want my damn cookbook!

So. I don't think we're actually buying it. Hopefully. He does this a lot, comes home and says, "Look what I found!" Once it was a tractor. Another time it was an excavator. A third time, it was two excavators - because, and I quote, "So you can have one too!" because we obviously don't live in the suburbs and if we had plenty of land would the same time?

I have spent nothing as of this very moment. And currently I believe my husband is on the phone, trying to see if we can do a trade or a deal so I can stick to my budget and he can get his damn truck.

Curse you.

Edit: GAH! I just realized I promised a friend I'd take her out to lunch tomorrow and another friend I'd go with her to Sex and The City 2 Gold Class - which is $40 a ticket. Obviously my mentality was not in 'better budget' a week ago when I made these promises. Curses! By day two I'll have squandered some of my hard-saved money. Damn.

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