Thursday, May 6, 2010

...and we're back!

It's been so busy here in the Costello house, I have to say. The duck has been getting big and eats nearly everything in sight. I had to chase him around the lawn when I caught him with a piece of plastic in his beak. No idea how he got it. He's also been eating all the banana peels the chickens leave behind. Hm. Worrisome.

Fanny Cradock has been laying nearly an egg a day since she started, much to my pleasure. Still no sign of eggs from Julia or Jacque laying another egg since they laid the first few times. I have no idea why.

I've been making shaving soap because, well, I can. It's turned out quite nice. No colour, just a nice soft shea butter and vitamin e with minerals soap, sandalwood scented, because all men should smell like sandalwood. Or that's my theory anyway.

I rolled out a lovely tart crust the other day and made quite a few shells. The other day I made a lemon meringue tart, as seen above. I also made a dragon fruit puree and a vanilla creme brulle one. Tomorrow I plan on making a milk chocolate ganache filled one. I only like a little sugar so my husband has been eating them all. We still can't figure out why he's not dropping that last five kilos.

This weekend my husband and I really looking forward to going to the Mount Tamborine Seasons Festival.. I'm eager to try freshly grown pecans and maybe some delicious pecan pralines. I don't like sugar much so I won't eat much, but I can never say no to a good praline! Mmmm, nutalicious. Glynn and I really love our dates and every date say we never go out enough. It's wonderful really, since we're so hyper and weird and just love to be together. A few nights ago we went bowling. I totally won, but don't tell him I said that.

I've also gotten a huge job coming up in Canberra. Each shoot is worth quite a few hundred dollars and it's looking like I might get six or so shoots, so this will *finally* hopefully get Glynn and I out of this weird hole we've gotten ourselves in. I mean, we're sort of in it, then we're out of it, and then we're back in it again! Agh. Always works like that doesn't it? I also have a nice cheque I was supposed to get months ago I called about and should be getting this week.

Maybe we'll *finally* catch up.

So busy the next few days. It looks like I might be headed back to the clubs Friday night (yeah, money has gotten *that* weird lately). We're not behing really.. just constantly not ahead. We really need to get ahead. But.. I hate working the clubs. I quit ages ago and it was on my terms and I only like to work on my terms, y'know since I'm an independant contractor and all.

I never work the local clubs because it feels 'too close to home'. Glynn doesn't think it's worth my mental ranting to do it - but if I can just get us where we want to be, I can make the next year easier for us. If I can do it for a month or so we should be good. Glynn really wants me to quit, though - all of it. Not because I hate my job, really, I love it - it's just politics has gotten too complicated. I'd do it all 100x over if it wasn't for politics. I love my job, I really do. I'm going with a friend on Friday and if I can't stand it, I won't do it again. Simple as that.

I have a lot of work Saturday and a party I'm going to that should be nice. So hopefully I have a good day Saturday. Just gonna need a lot of sleep after work Friday night! The last job is near my house though so I can go straight home after - score. Looking forward to that.

Then our date on Sunday, where I should be cashed up and buying pecans.. and then Monday, I'll be broke again. That's my theory anyway.



  1. Babe. It doesn't pay to be exclusive. I'm sorry however have you thought about branching out ? I also agree with G-man.. the clubs in QLD suck balls. The few that are not percentage .. well.. they're chockful of girls and picky.. and clique-y. No thank you.

    I'm guessing the online "adventure" isn't the way to go either?

  2. QUOTE: I'd do it all 100x over if it wasn't for politics.

    I hear you. Plus in the end other things ended up being my passion yet a part of me still longs for it unfortunately. Eventually, one day, I may be able to indulge again via Burlesque. One day. *sigh*