Sunday, May 9, 2010

Lovely Day!

Glynn and I went to the festival today and had an amazing time! First we went to the markets and I got a bunch of handmade soaps and some herbs and we ate food while listening to an awesome Australian country singer. I bought two of his CDs. I had grilled corn on the cob and fresh squeezed lemonaid with ginger. Glynn had three polish sausages with bacon. Ha. He also bought fudge.

We really should have stopped at the first garden because the other two were pretty much not worth the entry, sad to say, except for some lovely succulents I got at the second one. The first one definitely belonged to an insanely wealthy family. There was a giant avocado orchard and I pocketed a couple avocados from the ground - many were rotting so I didn't think they'd miss them one bit. They had a million fruits and vegetables lying around and I took a photo of the view:
The garden amazing. You had to walk through a forest with a tiny path to get to the garden. It really did start to hurt my legs from all the hiking before I'd even finished the tour of the first place. I settled down and ate an organic chicken and tarragon sausage on a wholegrain bun with a spicy pepper sauce. Delicious.

I went to a cafe with Glynn and had some pretty terrible burger to go with his pretty terrible chips. I went down the road to this lovely place that used to have the most amazing sauces and curries and jarred rare bits.. but they didn't have it anymore. It was very sad. It had all be replaced by doilies and lavendar wheat bags. Sad.

On the way back Glynn reminded me of the huge nursery that's up there. I bought another blueberry plant to go with the one I have (they only fruit in pairs... which I didn't know). I got two apple trees (because I did know they need to cross polinate), a mandarin tree and an orange tree. One of the apple trees already has little knuckle-sized apples on it, about ten. I got a giant raspberry bush as well. I have about ten new pots of herbs - I lost count. Coriander, chives, dill, oregano, thyme...

I'm hoping to get food for every season so that we'll eat should, y'know, the world end like my dream. Ha. If anything, we'll never need apples or blueberries again.

So, I'm happy. Now to listen to some Bush Country and nibble some cheese.

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