Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Lazy Day

It's a rather overcast hazy lazy day, my favourite. I like the wind, the threat of rain, the way it just feels like a bit slower of a day. Can't drive fast, can't eat fast, want to sleep. So today I thought I'd make soap and I've set that aside to set overnight. Dinner is going to be Gozleme with baked chips and salad.

I've been cleaning up and as I was cleaning I was smiling. I couldn't quite figure it out, but for some reason putting away everything made me happy. I soon realized everything I put away was a memory I got to relive. It was quite theraputic. I put away the chocolate Glynn gave me the night before. I returned the knife from the homebaked bread we ate together. I rearranged the food in the fridge from being overstuffed last night. Little reminders all around the house about the day before. It was almost sweet.

I am excited about my new soaps. Two are pure castile, no other additives except scent and colour. Olive oil only. Should take a good year to harden nicely. I also made 75% coconut and 25% shea butter soap, which should turn in the most lathering creamy thing in the world. I also made some beeswax furniture polish for the wood bits in the house.

All in all, it was a lazy puttering sort of day. I plan on enjoying some peppermint tea with lemon in a moment as I wait for Glynn to return from the shops with the vinegar I need to make my pickled cabbage. Heavens, I sound like my grandmother.

I fed the chickens and started giving them antibiotics, which means I can't eat their eggs for two weeks, which is a bummer. Luckily I was on a bread making kick and finagled the purchase of three dozen and managed to not actually make enough bread to use more than one dozen, so I now have leftover eggs by the truckload.

This post needed a photo so I chose one of my overworked boy eating a caramlized apple tart I made a few weeks back.

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