Saturday, May 22, 2010


And I do mean baby! I've got five new arrivals on the farm. Two teenage Araucanas of an unknown gender and these three baby fluffballs, one Auracana, one Araucana cross and a Naked Neck. I know I know I already have two naked necks but check out this chick's eyes! Looks like Cleopatra!

The best part about raising baby chicks is you can raise them how you want. I've been giving them lots of hands-on time so they will be very tame. They already enjoy neck scratches and have personalities of their own. The black one is the shy sleepy-head who loves a gentle neck rub. The brown one is the leader and protector and proud chicken. The yellow one is hungry and likes butt rubs. :)

I don't normally update on a Saturday but I will today. Apparently today is my day to play with the babies! My life sucks.

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