Friday, May 7, 2010


Fanny Laying Me An Egg

Heyhey! I looked at the blog today and went, "Whoa, comments!" because, well, I didn't know people were commenting! Is this a new thing? Sweet! Now I feel bad for making my most recent post lyrics. Ha.

Anyway, my day started off rough after having a fall out with my best friend last night and basically feeling used and abused. Not to mention my dream yesterday and hunting down things - but things are looking up!

I have a little party with a friend today I'm looking forward to followed immediately by 6 hours of work, followed by bed followed by morning trip to Mount Tamborine for the Seasons Festival! I'm really excited, been looking forward to it for weeks.

The new duck with poorly clipped wings. Ducks fly, as an added bonus.

Got a new duck and three new hens as well. While I was at the farm picking out my new girls, I was shown how to check to see if they've ever laid an egg by feeling up their "Fanny Cradocks" if you know what I mean. GROSS! But, apparently, if you feel up a chickens egg-layer you can feel how far apart the bones are. Further means eggs have been laid. Only a finger's width mean they haven't. So I spent yesterday poking chickens in the bum. Nice.

I also successfully integrated the bigger girls with the babies and there's no clawing and fighting going on which is awesome. I caught one of the new girls chasing, rolling and pecking a fake egg I keep outside which was a worry, but I am hoping it's just her going, "Hey is this food?" not "Hey I like to eat eggs!"
I love how you can see the overgrown lawn on the other side of the fence. I mowed the other side last week. I haven't mowed the ducks/chickens side since I moved them there.

I got a small job on Thursday. The 'massive amount of shoots' didn't pull through for me afterall and I didn't end up working last night (did I mention the fall out with the friend?) so I thought, crap, money, tight.. but it doesn't look like it. Even with the small shoot, I am looking at making almost two thousand dollars this week! Holy cow. Nobody can say I don't pull my weight around here, can they? Added to this Glynn has been picking up Saturdays to work, we should be just fine without me going back to the clubs. Thank GAWD.

I am considing not working at all for awhile. Of course, I've been considering it for awhile. I keep going back and forth. We can survive on Glynn's pay but I can't just not work, y'know? However, I do keep up my end by saving us money with making stuff and taking care of the home and Glynn even said, "You more than pull your weight even without working." Which, I suppose, is true. Glynn gets a raise in early July so I might consider it again at that time.

I'm going to paint my nails and tan for tonight. All the shows I have booked were booked four days ago, which usally means a good crowd. It's last minute bookings that usually mean "We don't plan, we're all drunk and we're gonna be assholes"... but sometimes not! Never know. I'm actually looking forward to work tonight. Who knew?! :)

I've also had WAY too much coffee this morning.

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