Thursday, May 20, 2010

No I don't WANNA post!

Frankly! But, thinking I had done nothing worth posting about, I found a pile of photos I realized I could share from this last week. So. Live with it.

Work has been slow and I have been making and baking and creating a lot lately. Last night alone was busy. I was supposed to go to a friend's nightclub but never ended up making it. *sigh* I'm a social fail, really. Anyway, I did end up making roasted capsicum for dinner. With feta and basil... delicious.

I also cleaned the kitchen, which made me very happy. Cleaned the whole damn thing with 2L of boiling water with lemon chucked into it. I have a feeling I'm going to ruin it today by making soap. Oh well, that's what bribing husbands with cakes is for.

One of my chickens has been laying twins! This is not nearly as effecient as laying two eggs at once, but almost. Two yolks of normal size in a smaller white. Perfect for mousses. As you can see these two are in a bowl with lemon zest. I also made lemon custard.
I've been doing my laundry with soap nuts lately. I'm impressed. They're incredibly cheap, organic, do a million washes, are soft on clothes and frankly, look kinda cool. Next to it is my organic "bleach". Environmentally concious. THIS is what I mean from Gucci to Geese. I'm a spoiled fricken snob - on a farm.

Lately I've been watching River Cottage on TV and it has got to be exactly what the doctor ordered for me. The chilly hillsides and sheep and cows are probably pretty much exactly what I'm looking for in a farm - with a prettier house. Don't get me wrong, it's a gorgeous house, but not us. The copious amounts of home grown food, the chickens scattering around like morons, the cow - all of it I can see owning myself. I even found myself looking forward to my first sheep competition! Yee-haw!

Until then, I sit in suburbia, watching the petals on my lemon tree slowly open so they can give me their winter fruit. Blueberries have started growing now that they've fallen in love. Someday I'll have that little farm on the chilly hillside with the rooster crowing it's head off as I eat a fruit salad I picked from my own trees that morning. Until then, I'm somewhere in between Gucci...and Geese.

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