Thursday, May 13, 2010


I went to Canberra for a photoshoot and once more didn't get to meet up with someone I wanted to. I really enjoyed myself and pretty much spent everything I made but I got a gorgeous nice coat in the process, which I desperately needed. It's a nice long thick trench coat with buckle sleeves and a tight belt. I got it in a size 6, too! Scoooore.
I also got these gorgeous wall stickers which UNLIKE THE BROCHURE SAYS do NOT apply easily. The decal itself does but the fricken application sticker is like 10x stickier than the decal so it's impossible to get off without tearing it. However, the decal looks easily removable, but the application sticker tore bits off my wall! I repainted it! :/

At the same store I also got these cute blocks for my entry-way. So when you walk in you know G&L live here. I know I know, I'm Elizabeth, but everyone calls me Liz.. besides, G&E is a terrible company, I'd rather my entryway not advertise them, hahaha.

The teaset I love and got for twenty dollarts. Most expensive decor was that bowl, actually, but it makes me happy.

I've been trying to settle in and pretty up the place from my husband's bachelor-style furniture. It goes well with his leather and dark wood in the rest of the house. Obviously the ikea light bookshelf needs to be replaced with a thick heavy dark one, but that'll come in time. It's in the entryway for now so doesn't not match the rest of the house, since you can't see the rest of the furniture from there.

Really need to learn to budget my income though, as variable as it is. Oh well, I'll work on it!

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