Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Current Score

I keep thinking about how this blog is called from Gucci to Geese, which is very me - and yet I never seem to talk about Gucci much. It makes me laugh. I think I'm slowly going more goosey from my original expensive city girl. I still have a few pairs of Gucci heels, two Diors and of course, my amazing cost-more-than-my-last-car Roberto Cavalli boots.

I haven't bought a pair in a year. Glynn keeps pushing me to, because he knows I love beautiful shoes, but I can't seem to spend the money these days. I have a friend in America who buys them for me and sends them to me for half the price of the overpriced Australian shops - she's getting married so she's super busy, but I'lll at least be buying a pair of Choo's for my wedding. You can't talk me out of that one!My dress is very Grecian so I think these will go amazingly with it. I'm also eagerly hoping to buy another Diane Von Fursetenberg dress. I simply love her wraps! Always so flattering on anybody!

Now, back to your usual farm news:

Everyone, meet, well "Zell" for now, because he looks like that infamous Final Fantasy 8 character with the same 'hair'. He's the new baby of the house but I highly doubt he's the youngest. He sure as heck is the tamest though. I'm guessing on the 'he' part. If he does happen to be male, Glynn will finally be one of TWO men in this house - out of 20 living creatures.

Yes. Twenty.

The current score of animals:
2 dogs
2 cats
2 Leghorns
2 Australorps
1 Bantam
2 Naked Necks
1 Isa Brown
2 Muscovy Ducks
1 Eastern Rosella
1 Budgie
1 Indian Ringneck
1 Cockatiel

... and counting Glynn and I, that makes 20. 16 women, 1 man and 3 unknowns, although odds are good the baby chick and duckling are female. It's up to the cockateil to live up to it's cock-ameme name. Ha.

I also went out yesterday, like I said, and bought a BUNCH of plants. Here's my current score:

2 purple spinach plants
4 purple capsicum bushes
1 coriander bush
1 oregano cover
1 purple tomatillo bush
1 peppermint cover
1 bunch chives
1 strawberry bush
1 taraggon pot
2 parsley types
1 eggplant
5 kohlrabi seedlings
1 elderberry tree
2 grape vines
1 lemon tree
1 thyme cover
an unknown amount of lettuces (I planted a bunch at once and prayed)
1 avocado tree
1 habenero bush
1 lychee tree
1 basil plant
2 blueberry bushes
8 butterhead lettuce babies
8 asparagus bunches
6 climbing bean sprouts
1 rosemary bush
various johnny jump ups
1 pink lady apple tree
1 orange tree
1 mandarin tree
1 gala apple tree
1 raspberry bush
1 pomegranate tree
2 mulberry bushes

.... and that's where I currently stand. I think I really should get into canning here soon.

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