Thursday, April 29, 2010


I just realized how insanely awesome yesterday was. Woke up to a letter from my favourite chef, bought a new outfit for nearly nothing, dyed my hair back to bright bright red, got a well-paying job in Melbourne in a few weeks (I absolutely adore Melbourne) and then my husband took me on a dinner and date movie which was fun and enjoyable and then when we got home I pretended I was a real estate agent trying to sell him our house. It ended well - but I don't think he's gonna buy it. Ha.

I've been having a LOT of fun with life lately and am seriously looking forward to attending more events with people. Problem is I don't like common events. I hate huge crowds and lots of drunk people - just like being at work. yay. I prefer things like dinner parties and sunny days with gardens and drives to the country and wine tasting and things like that. It's hard to make friends like that - everyone in Brisbane seems to be caught up in this 'hip' thing - which is hysterical because I wouldn't say Brisbane is hip at all. It seems like an entirely new thing.

Melbourne is pretty much my exact type of lifestyle. Coffee, food, motorbikes in the city, trams, rainy days, tea shops everywhere, handmade jewellery stalls on the side of the road, gourmet chocolate shops every few feet and quirky little things like potato restaurants, wine and jazz nights in the city (nearly empty as well!) and the lovely Jewish communities. I really feel at home in Melbourne. I just wish my husband wanted to live there.

Brisbane is not like that at all. I feel, lately, Brisbane has been getting into the 'must like rarer music than my neighbour even if it's bad and must only like local art and talent and can't like anything from anywhere else as I dye my hair purple but only in a shade nobody has'. Seriously it's all come out of left field, too. Nobody wants to have quiet drinks at a smooth jazz tapas bar anymore... well, they never did in Brisbane. It went from bogan to trendy-scene in a matter of a year. Bizarre.

So I don't think I mentioned this but I'm actually not married yet. I'm getting married in November. I call Glynn my husband because, well, we're already like a married couple. Insanely in love. Insanely!! I'm talking people make movies out of our life kind of insane. We're just wild about each other and we're almost on year two! Woohoo. We still do tickle fights and pull faces at each other and dance randomly in the livingroom to a cool song. We rarely argue, if at all. So maybe he's not a husband! Ha.

The thing I think that makes the best relationships is a sincere desire to see the other person happy. Glynn hates ducks. If you haven't noticed... I have a duck. I hate having huge things in the garage that never get fixed. And yet, there's a broken down car in there. Been there for months. LOL. Neither of us are mad about it - because I know he'll someday get around to fixing it and replace that with another thing that makes him happy... and I'll be happy with my duck. It doesn't really feel like 'compromise' to me.. just a sincere desire to see him happy, so I go "Meh, what's a broken down car?" and he goes, "Meh, what's a duck?"

Life is... good.


  1. I just got a chance to have a break (first time this week! And not long...)
    I agree, I'm not sure what's happened to this city, but I remember a time when people wanted to just sit in a quiet bar and have a fun conversation and something to eat, or to have a picnic in the park, go over to someone's house and watch TV and play music and have some drinks and some dinner and then maybe go be silly in the park down the road because it has swings.
    Then again, I also remember a time when you could barely buy designer gear in Brisbane, either.

  2. QUOTE: prefer things like dinner parties and sunny days with gardens and drives to the country and wine tasting and things like that. It's hard to make friends like that

    Awww.. me sad. You forgot about me. Then again I'm Gold Coast. Hmm... and welcome to my world. It's why I can't STAND Surfers Paradise. I seriously loathe it after so many years dealing with "it". You have to pay me to go there and even then it's not worth it LOL

    Drunks are not my thing either. Work burnt me out on that a long time ago. It is hard to find friends who want to do sober non drinking activities.