Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Soap Making Day - w00t w00t

Remember a couple days ago when I said I'd be making whipped shea butter? Well in my excitement to use melt and pour soap for the first time in years, I thought I'd give that a go first. I failed, miserably. What started out as me trying to make a red soap with seeds in it layered with a pale green soap to acheive a 'watermelon' look, turned into, well, this:

In the end, I did manage my watermelon soap.. but it cost me a bowl, a mould I had been looking forward to, about a dollar in lost soap and the bottom of my microwave. And since I had to use a massage bar mould instead, my soap looks nothing like watermelons!

Well because I'm a moron who can't seem to put together the simplest of soaps, I decided to go back to making cold pressed soap after a few days of recouperation. Apparently even though cold pressed soap involves lye, burning oils, temperature guages and the threat of death - I can do it much much better than putting a bowl of glycerine in the microwave. Score one for my self-esteem there.

And this beautiful girl came out! I'm excited because I finally used my new batch of organic shea butter to make it along with some mango butter - the organic butters making up 20% of this bar. Coconut oil (a very bubbly and luxurious oil for soaps) is 40% of the oils. The other 40% are my secret, but it's also got 3% Vit E. Plus.. it's pretty and swirly. It swirls all the way through except the sides got a bit blurry, but I like it. The colours are not AT ALL what I was going for, because, as it turns out, my colourants aren't CP compatible. Does the website say this? No. Have I learned my lesson? Not really - because I like it!

It was supposed to be fleuro pink and pale green swirls. Oh well. I call this one a success.

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