Sunday, April 18, 2010

Nothing But Liz

I came to the conclusion recently I needed my own blog for generic posts, mainly because people consider me to be a very strange individual. I wouldn't say so - because I think all people have the capacity to be just as strange; but here I am, making a blog, knowing I have a million things to say and finally, a place to say it.

So, a little introduction on me and why people think I am strange:

I am a 23 year old woman, which is pretty average. I like to make soap from scratch using lye and fat, which is average. I like to ride motorbikes, which is average, but does not at all fit with the previous indulgence. I also have, at any given time, roughly half a dozen chickens hanging around my suburban home, which doesn't fit at all with my surroundings, which is a bit of a middle-upper class haven.

I am very particular about my food and eat mostly organic as well as 100% real food. I don't believe in packaging or pesticides or unnatural preservatives. Everything I eat I make from scratch, spending time bottling up chicken stocks and freezing them or baking a hot loaf of bread which never sees the light of day for more than an hour in this house. I would make two at a time, but I only have one bread pan and never remember to buy another.

In an attempt to save money on expensive organic free range chicken eggs, I bought my own chickens who eat my organic scraps and organic seeds. I am bad at saving money this way, as I seem to have a fond interest in collecting very colourful (and usually very ugly) chickens. I have fluffy ones that hardly lay eggs and ones with no feathers at all that like to jump fences and even more who lay eggs barely the size of a fifty cent coin but have pretty feathers.

On weekends, I take my clothes off for money so I can spend the rest of the weed indulging my silly hobbies, of which I gain a new one every week. I feel I live life to the fullest, making an effort to travel as much as humanly possible, learning tons of new things, having a myriad of skills and talents I gain by simply doing. I woodwork and make jewellery and practice motorbike stunts and knit scarves and take dance lessons, always a different style. I can do a Viennese waltz almost professionally, if there's ever a skill I didn't use the most. Men just don't waltz these days and I'm a terrible lead in heels.

So.. here I am. A young woman with an incredible love for life who always seems to find herself in the oddest situations but always makes it through, stripping, baking, soaping, stunting, raising, growing, eating, dreaming, travelling and living. I always look on the bright side of life. Optimistic most likely to a fault. I bring you... nothing but Liz.


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