Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Chooks - A Guide

This is Phileas Gilbert, who is named after one of the writers of Larousse Gastronomique, a cookbook I aspire to own someday. She is a naked neck hen and is very friendly. She loves watching The Simpsons through the window every night. She also likes her neck scratched. She doesn't lay just yet, but I'm excited for when she does.

These are The Two Fat Ladies. They always hang out together and beat up new chickens together. They don't lay yet, either.

This is Nigella Hoverchicken, a little damp. She likes perching on the top of her run, persimmons and seed. She is very friendly but a little shy and likes to fluff her feathers when they're dry. She lays sometimes and always in a different place.

This is Julia Child. She is top of the pecking order but very friendly. I often see her beating up the Two Fat Ladies for beating up another smaller chicken. She's very protective of the flock. She loves rockmelon and persimmons and roasted meat. She is laying. She refuses to lay anywhere but the dog kennel, meaning I either had to worry about her finding a way to jump the fence to get to it where the dogs were, or just give it to her.. which I did. The dogs are not happy about this.

This is Jacques Pepin. She is shy and hard to get a photo of. She is scared of everything and I don't even know what breed she is, sadly. She lays really pointy eggs and always in the hole the dripping air conditioner made.

This is the baby, Gordon Ramsay. I don't know what sex it is yet, but the odds are good since it has a feather neck and it's a naked neck that it is female. She currently resides in a heated bedroom with food and water and a box of scratchings because the Fat Ladies are too dangerous around her. She likes apples and seeds and grass and jumping. She gets two hours a day of supervised free ranging with the other chickens. If it's a boy, I will maybe breed him with Phil, as they have different parents.

This is Fanny Craddock. So named because she's an Isa Brown and the other two are evil, so I named her after a mean chef. Ha. She doesn't lay yet either. She's much nicer than the Two Fat Ladies and doesn't associate with them much, even though all of them are related.

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