Sunday, July 18, 2010

A post about nothing in particular.

Bleh, I'm still sick. Don't know what happened but Tuesday last week when I went to hospital I came out fine and feeling great (yay for fluids!). Wednesday a little run down but still great. Thursday amazing. Friday, amazing - but that's when the results came back for the second round of blood. Saturday, run down massively from shopping with Sam and Aaron, Glynn's best mate (and best man) and his missus - loved the company though. Sunday - did a loooot of stuff from home, a bit of driving and spare-part pickup. Lots of cooking, and was worn out and needed a nap by 2pm. Ergh. Clearly I over-exert myself reguarly and it needs to stop.

I've gotten a heavy cough and sneezing in the last two days, which is new. I also keep feeling stomach pains - but part of me thinks it's purely mental. I didn't feel them really too much (except in nausea and, *cough*, gas) until I got my results, which leads me to believe I'm overreacting in that department. Of course, being aware you're over reacting doesn't really stop you over reacting. C'est la vie.

I'm really enjoying today, though, so far. I've been taking it easy. I have lunch with my man and his boss today, which I will look forward to. Glynn's boss is rather lovely. He's Muslim, so we're pretty mean to each other, but we never mean it. It's a back and forth Jew and Muslim comedy act and then a handshake and a laugh - every time. It's nice to get along and joke with your partner's boss. It helps me feel that his job is more secure, which helps my stress levels considerably considering work has been slow for me these days (I'm actually not allowed to work - doctor's orders).

I'm a little annoyed I can't get into my training for the fitness comps. I'm doing low-impact low-heart rate yoga and thai chi type moves but the second I feel too much stress, I have to sit down, which is about every 20 minutes of slow gentle working out. Luckily this type of training is pretty good for muscle definition on leaner muscles, which I do need to work on (and never do because I dislike low-impact workouts generally) so hopefully it will help a bit.

Other than that - the day is nice. It's warm but a little hazy and slow-feeling, which is quite nice. The ducks and chickens have been acting super cute and funny this morning, at one point gathering at the backdoor pecking at it, asking to be let in. I don't know when or how my chickens decided the inside of the house was available for them, but Glynn's been keeping squirt bottles by couch so he can shoot them (just like the carnival game!) when they try. Logically, I could just, y'know close the door, but honestly, I like watching them come inside and they tend to eat all the seed around the bird cages, which saves me valuable sweeping time.

My sleep has been on and off. I've had a lot of vivid dreams, which is normal for me, but they've been waking me up a lot - which is not normal for me. Back in the day (1 1/2 years ago about) I had severe insomnia for, oh, 16 years. Pills, doctors, meditation - nothing worked. It was bad. Hypnotherapy, for some reason (and I swear before I tried I thought it was a load) worked insanely well. After a week I was sleeping through the night and for a year and half now, until this sickness came in, I'd been sleeping really really well. Nine hours a night, one quick wake-up to use the toilet, back to sleep quickly and waking up exceptionally happy and well-rested.

So now my dreams are waking me up. Weird dreams too. Dreams like me freaking out because a chocolate cake recipe asked for 3 cups of water and "THAT WONT MAKE A CAKE!" and me flipping out so badly I wake up in a sweat - unable to go back to sleep because the second I do that three cups of water starts to haunt me. Or last night my dream was about, of all things, me freaking out because I really needed to make soup. Dreams are like that, though - something is either going wrong you can't fix or you need this most random object ever and spend the entire dream looking for it. Or you dream you're losing your teeth. 99% of the time it's one of the three - for me anyway. (and the majority of my friends when we discussed it once)

Really now, I think I'm just rambling about my life. What else am I supposed to do right now? Last night, the boy cleaned the kitchen. I need to sweep and have lunch and other than that, I'm really really supposed to be relaxing.

I have about 4 dozen oranges I've slowly accumulated from my fruit and veg boxes (you'd be SO suprised how long food lasts when you buy it direct from the farmer - I've had avocados last 3 months in my fridge!). I really need to preserve them. It's a real shame I don't like marmalade (except madarin marmalade! SOOOOOO good.) otherwise I'd just make up like 20 jars of the stuff. I suppose I still can, actually! Christmas presents anyone?

I tend not to buy people presents for Christmas, not because I'm Jewish but because I really don't like holidays that focus on gift giving just for the sake of gift giving (like, I also dislike Valentine's Day - since it's mostly used these days as a reminder to give someone something instead of showing love). Granted, I celebrate Chanukkah, but the way I do it is much more focused on the religion aspect than the gift-giving aspect.

I was caught totally off-gaurd and unprepared last year when a giant box of Chanukkah presents showed up, 8 wrapped in gold and 8 wrapped in silver - for Glynn and I - from his mother and sisters. I actually literally cried when I opened it up and saw the little cards and gifts. Every single thing was picked out specifically for our personalities. It was so touching and sweet and unexpected.

I got chocolate face masks, chocolate pasta, a wooden-handled cake tester (I had told mother I just use pasta to test cake and apparently she thought I needed one - how sweet!), a book on homemade beauty treatments, and various other wonderfully picked items and Glynn got a book on toilet humour, some tweezers (he did need them), and some candles and soaps that matched the ones I got, but were just that slight bit more masculine. Bath time on night 8 was awesome!

That memory is another that will live with me forever. Just the ultimate kindness and consideration and overall surprise was touching and shows the wonderful generosity of my future husband's family - which of course must be where he got it from.

So this year, I definitely need to return the love for Christmas - although his mother makes WAY better jams and marmalades than I do and I've already made her enough soap to last her a couple years. Challenging! I'm actually looking forward to Christmas this year. I plan on making most of my gifts and it's good because I know they'll be appreciated.

Whoops, need to get ready for lunch. I spent an hour writing nothing! Yay!

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