Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Month of Living - Day 2

There's this part of me that wants to say I failed already, but honestly that's not what this is about. I can't fail at 'living' - I just don't die. But somehow I feel like I failed yesterday. I didn't do anything cool, or anything particularly riveting. I didn't summon demons or learn how to rotate the earth on it's axis and give myself another hour to the day. But I did try.

Since I was sick, I thought to myself, I must learn stuff. After a comment about brains, I thought, "I know I'll learn everything about the human brain!" That was a terrible idea. Apparently I think I can learn 12 years of neurology school in a single afternoon. I tried for about an hour though, before I got distracted by, of all things, alcohol.

Now I know how to make gin, vodka and brandy. Yes, that is what I ended up learning. I even made brandy! Apparently when one studies the brain, one also wants to destroy it. Did you know brandy was nothing more than distilled wine? So more alcoholic concentrated wine. Score.

So I may not have 'lived' in the sense of 'going out into the world and coming back with an experience', but I sure as hell made the idea slightly more entertaining.

$120 a day over budget, just like the beginning of every month, really.


  1. Almost everything they think they know about brains is just theory. (I had a brain class in my psych degree). I recommend the book The Physics of Consciousness tho.

  2. I thought so! I kept asking a question on the questions thread about how they mapped the brain and nobod could tell me. I suspected it had to be theory!