Monday, August 23, 2010

Getting Healthy Once More

Lizzie's Back, baby! I am feeling rather good, other than the exhaustion. I know that sounds a little funny but other than being tired all the darned time, I'm nearly 100% better! My liver functions were normal at last measure and I managed to go out with friends on Friday for my hen's night, which was amazing! My friends bought me dinner and drinks and just spoiled me!

Even better, I came home to a clean house and my fiance professing his love for my while standing outside in the rain waiting for my arrival. It was quite romantic and lovely. I am happy. I am also happy that even though I was away for four days and I came home to a clean house and a doting fiance, I am not one bit suspicious that he may have strayed in that time. That's a nice feeling.

His doting is nothing out of the normal and not suspicious in the least; in past relationships that kind of action would've had me in a sudden e-mail checking frenzy. Last night had me in a sooky cuddle retelling my glorious trip to him as he laughed and humoured me. Yeah, you can gag now.

So I'm exercising a little, walking a lot, eating a ton and finally feel better - I just need naps. Oh, poor me, I know. I have to NAP. My life is woe.

I go back to work this weekend. I've already got a good schedule for making lots of money and that thrills me. Pre-booked and in succession usually means it's going to be a good night. Last minute jobs notwithstanding, I'll feel good about my contribution to my household this week, especially after my frivolous spending on my trip (which was mostly on food - I am so happy to be eating I think I ate everything in sight. Ask Lisa about the chocolate biscuits!).

So it's time to tan, time to get my nails done and time to get my hair trimmed and my eyebrows waxed. I'm back and I'm gonna take charge and I'm gonna be ME once again.

I can't wait.

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